Greetings to all TripleA Fans!

The new Ladder/Tourney site is beginning to take shape.  Thanks to Tournamatch!  for their work on the file extensions and image sizes.  Thanks to Master Hepps for some of the lovely new images.  The Toc 5 V341 Tourney has been set up and I will start adding the current registered players.  GLHF! to All.


12 Replies to “Greetings to all TripleA Fans!”

  1. Great work, Prastle, well done!
    I am pretty excited to start playing on the new Ladder 🙂
    As for more input: I would like to retreat from 1941 Ladder, since I just joined to help you testing. Maybe you could add a “retreat” button? Besides a “pause” button would be nice, so one cant be challenged while on vacation.

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